n's wire art

Sep.14th,2022 up!

Thanks for coming to our exhibition!!!
We are glad to see you choosing items joyfully.
Enjoy our online shop till next exhibition in a few years

Aug. 13th,2022 up!
We are opening an exhibition after 3 year absense!

12:00-18:00, 8th-13th Sep.2022
at Ginza Gallery G2
0.5 minutes walk from Ginza 1 chome st., 12 minutes walk from Yurakucho st.

May. 13th,2021 up!
We are opening a popup store in Gallery 18 at Senzoku-Ike,Tokyo!

10:00-19:00, 23rd-24th May. 2021
at Gallery 18
1-7-3,Higashi Yukigaya,Ota-ku,Tokyo
4 minutes walk from Senzoku-Ike st., 13 minutes walk from Oookayama st.

Apr. 25th,2019 up!

We are taking part in Hale marche at Nihonbashi Galleria Community Space in Nihonbashi Takashimaya Mitsui building.
Please come and see!!!

24-28th Apr. 2019,
Nihonbashi Galleria Community Space
at 1st floor of Nihonbashi Takashimaya Mitsui building

Apr. 13th,2019 up!

We are taking part in Hale marche at Tokyu department store Toyoko-ten in Shibuya,Tokyo
Please come and see!!!

11-17th Apr. 2019
1st floor of the west building Toyoko-ten

Jan.4th,2019 up!
Happy New year!!!
I wish this year will be more fruitiful and happier one to all of you!

We have opened our shop on Rakuten Ichiba.
More itemes are going to join soon.
You can also get Rakuten points(^^♪
Please visit the shop as well.

Dec. 15th,2018 up!

We are taking part in the exhibition in Creema HASHTAG GALLERY at Omote-Sando Tokyo, which is held by Creema!
Please come and see!!!

11:00-17:00, 15-16th Dec. 2018
3-1-14 LE REVE 1F,Jingu-mae Shibuya-ku,Tokyo

8 minutes walk from Omote-Snado st., 7 minutes walk from Gaien-Mae st.

Oct 18th,2018 up!
We are opening the exhibition in Gallery Ogawa at Akasaka Tokyo!
Please come and see!!!

11:00-20:00, 18th-20th Oct. 2018 (on 20th,we will close at 18:00)
at Gallery Ogawa
2 minutes walk from Akasaka-st., 4 minutes walk from Akasaka-mitsuke st.

Sep 16th,2018 up!
We will participate in “Creaters’ Garden” at Daikan-yama T-SITE on 24th Sep.
Please come and see!!!

11:30-17:30, 24th Sep. 2018
at Daikan-yama T=SITE

Sep 4th,2018 up!

You can see our itemes in “Anemone” shops,in Sendai,Kichijoji,Yokohama,Osaka and Hiroshima.
Please come and see!!

Sendai:S-PAL Sendai, east 2nd floor
Kichijoji:Kichijoji PARCO 1st floor
Yokohama:LUMINE Yokohama 4th floor
Osaka:NU Chayamachi 1st floor
Hiroshima:Hiroshima PARCO main building 4th floor

May 11th,2018 up!

You will see our itemes at Marche in Kagurazaka
Delicious food, cafe,sake, wine and marvelous Hagi pottery will also be waiting for you♪

June 2nd(sat) & 3rd(sun) 11:00~17:00
Agnes L’epicerie
Nandocho 1,Shinjuku-ward,Tokyo
TEL 03-6280-8966

April 18th,2018 up!

Our exhibition in “craft festa in Aka-renga 2018” in Yokohama was over.
We appreciate your coming!!!

March 19th,2018 up!

We will take part in “craft festa in Aka-renga 2018” in Yokohama, with nohra.
Please see the information ..
We are looking forward seeing all of you in Yokohama!

12th(Thu)-15th(Sun) Apr.2018
12th pre-open 15:30~18:30
13th-15th open 10:30~18:30
at Yokohama Aka-reng Souko(6 min.on foot from Bashamichi Sta.or Nihon-ohdori Sta. on Minato-Mirai line)

March 8th,2018 up!

We will take part in【minne’s handmade market2018】.
It is one of the biggest handmade market in Japan!!!
Please come and see☆
April 27th Friday 10:00~18:00
Tokyo Big Sight, hall-East 7

March 7th,2018 up!

We have ended the sales of our accesarries in ITTA COFFEE,Okusawa.
Thanks a lot!!!

Feburuay 15th,2018 up!

We will take part in “craft festa in Aka-renga 2018” in Yokohama, with nohra.
Please wait for further information.
We are looking forward seeing all of you in Yokohama!

12th(Thu)-15th(Sun) Apr.2018
12th pre-open 15:00~18:00
13th-15th open 10:30~18:30

January 6th,2018 up!

You can see our accesaries at an shop selling angel goods in Ookayama, Tokyo.
It has a lot of gentle healing enegy, which will give you refreshment & relaxation.
Please come and see♡

December 7th,2017 up!

You can see our accesaries at a cafe in Okusawa (also easily accessable from Jiyugaoka st.), Tokyo.
It is a very comfortable place where you can enjoy delicious coffee.
Please come and see♡

November 21st,2017 up!

The number of new items have come!
Please enjoy them♪
The items we sold at the exhibition are on pages of “gallery”, which we hope you also enjoy!!!

September 16th,2017 up!

We’re going to change the accesary clasps to more beautiful ones.
The products which are already on the shop will change their clasps soon.
Don’t miss it♡

September 1st,2017 up!

We will have an exhibition in this coming autumn with a marvelous artist, Ryo Nora.
Both of our products will be available there.
Please come and see!!!

The Exhibition
Nov.7th tue.-12th Sun, 2017
from 11am to 7pm (on 12th:to 5pm)

Art Space Pamina
3 minutes on foot, from ex.A2, Omotesando station

We are looking forward to seeing all of you.